Extra Searching Syntax in On Pack

You can search by typing syntax directly into the keyword search and clicking 'Search'.
Typing an attribute followed by a semi-colon (eg. Ingredient:) searches within that attribute. You can separate different search terms by putting them in brackets.
Words within brackets will be searched for independently (eg. Claim:(no sugar) will find products that contain the words "no" or "sugar" in the Claims section). To search for something very specific, use quotation marks (eg. "No added sugar").
These types of searches are "AND" searches by default. This can be changed by typing "OR" between terms instead.
Examples of different types of search, from the search box:
Ingredient search
Ingredient:(high fructose corn syrup)
(Ingredient:(Vegetable Oil) OR Ingredient:Palm)
Category search
Includes 'baby' in the category, so baby care, baby meals, etc 
Allergen search
Claims search
Claim:(no sugar)
Mixed search
(Category:(baby) AND Claim:(no sugar))
"No sugar" searches for "no AND sugar", not "no sugar".
Other searches
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