List Price - Review message from Foodstuffs NZ

You may have seen a "Review" alert status on your product regarding your List Price. The message can vary, for example, The List Price is not current, Your product is missing a List Price, etc. 

What is this? This is basically a communication from Foodstuffs advising that there's an issue with your List Price. 

However, 99% of the time, there are no issues with the price at all and this is more a clash with Foodstuffs systems.

How Do I solve it?

1. First, double check that your price is correct in NPC Rapid by clicking on "Action > Price for Foodstuffs".

2. Email Foodstuffs Master Data team and request them to update your list price review message. Mention that your price is correct in NPC Rapid. 

FS Master Data Team:


#: 0800 555 985


Below are the possible causes of this issue that Foodstuffs has identified.

  • The list price has a future date as the effective date when it has been published (even if it is the day after), so when the record is processed through FS Logicdrop system, it sees there is no current list price record.  
  • New price has been published and the old one end dated – the new price does not always come into our records – this is usually correct as if there is a list price change the supplier needs to follow FS price adjustment process.
  • Timing issue when FS receive the pricing record – sometimes FS receive the new price record first and then the end-dated record second, so when hits our system it is the last record it looks at.
  • No list price has been published – the review message would advise no list price (or something to that effect).



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