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We have released new features in NPC Rapid. You can now view your On Pack data, request On Pack data capture, or enter your data directly via NPC Rapid. 

Frequently asked questions

Information such as nutritional information panels, ingredients, allergens, claims, etc. is what we call the 'On Pack' data of your products. At GS1 we help you with capturing, digitising and sharing this data with your retailers (Foodstuffs and Countdown).

We have APIs that feed your retailers' online shops with all this information from our On Pack database. 

This is how Countdown displays On Pack data online.

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Note: You will need to send us a product sample.

- If you're creating a new product in NPC Rapid the system will guide you through the steps. You can also check our user guide to learn more.

- If your product already exists in NPC Rapid but doesn't have an On Pack record:

Yes, but only if we don't have an existing verified On Pack record in our database. NPC Rapid will show you if we have existing data (Action > View > On Pack).

If we hold a record already, sorry, but you are not able to update it yourself. Check FAQ #6 below for more options.

For products with no current records, click on Action > View > On-Pack > Click on "enter this data yourself".


Keep in mind that this data will be shared with your retailers as an unverified record, and only Foodstuffs will be able to display it online. Countdown only displays verified data that we have captured on your behalf.

Login to NPC Rapid, search for the product that you want to view, then click on Action > View > On Pack. 

You will have seen something like the below screenshot.


This message means that you've requested ProductFlow (barcode verification and/or photography and/or On Pack) in the past but you haven't sent us the product yet. Send us the product and while we complete the ProductFlow process, we will capture the On Pack information for you.

  • If you want to send us a product to capture your On Pack data, and you don't need to complete ProductFlow in full, please fill in this form. Once we process your request and display the data in NPC Rapid.
  • If you are unable to send us a product, please get in contact with our Support Team.

- Request On Pack data capture here and we can do it for you as a verified record. You just need to send us a product sample.

- Send us the artwork of your product. Note that artwork data will only be available to Foodstuffs. See FAQ #9 below for more information.

- Do you want to do it yourself? You would've seen a message like the below and unfortunately, you cannot modify a verified GS1 On Pack record. The only way to get this updated is by one of the two options above. 


This message is because:

a) There is no record of your product in our On Pack database.

b) No Ingredient Statement could be captured from your product when we received the sample.

c) We have collected the Ingredient Statement from your product but have not made it available to Foodstuffs yet.

You will have seen something like the below screenshot.


How to fix this:

1. If you want to send us a product sample we can do this for you. Check FAQ #2 to learn how to submit your request or check this article

2. If you can't send a product sample, you can enter this data yourself. Check FAQ #3 for more information. 

Keep in mind that option 1 will be a verified record and option 2 will be unverified. The answer to the next question below explains the difference between these two.

Verified. Retailers always prefer that your On Pack data is "verified". This means that it has been collected or double checked by a third-party, such as GS1. Your On Pack data will be verified only if you have sent GS1 a sample of your shelf-ready product. We capture your data when we do barcode verification, photography or On Pack Collection specifically.

Foodstuffs and Countdown will display this data online.

Unverified. This is On Pack data that you have manually entered yourself through NPC Rapid. If you have requested GS1 to capture your On Pack data from an artwork, this data will be also unverified. This is because artworks do not necessarily reflect the final shelf-ready version of the product.

Only Foodstuffs will display this data online. Countdown only displays verified data.

- If your product is already loaded in NPC Rapid, just click on Action > Submit ProductFlow Application > Later > Upload your artwork > Submit.

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- If you're creating a new product the system will guide you through

This is a finished digital artwork of your final product label. It needs to show all sides of your product and all the information that you would like us to capture. Remember, we can capture On Pack data from a label but as unverified data. The fee is $16 + GST.

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