SSCC Labels: FAQ

Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) Labels – FAQ

SEE the Support Centre article "A Guide On Pallet Labelling (Using SSCC Barcode)" 

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  1. What are the dates and who does it apply to?

    - Key dates for Foodstuffs and Woolworths suppliers to be aware of:
    Since the 1st August 2021 it has been a requirement to use SSCC pallet labels.

  2. How do I produce a label?
    - Members can produce SSCC labels from their MyGS1 account using 'GS1 PRINT'. Login here
    Note this is a basic tool, designed for small to medium companies. Companies requiring more features should use their own software, and to contact their local printing company for advice. Affiliates do not have access to this tool.

  3. I'm just sending a box to the retailer, does it need an SSCC Label?
    - Yes. They are required for all "logistics units".

  4. The pallet has various items on it (mixed), which GTIN do I put on the label?
    - None. In GS1Print select 'Mixed trade item' under Label Basic Settings in the menu on the left. 

  5. How do I delete a label from the system if it was made in error?
    - The record of the SSCC label cannot be deleted. Just ignore it and create a new one.

  6. The Creation Date is incorrect.
    - Check your system date/time. Contact your IT Department or GS1 Support for assistance.

  7. Our goods are despatched by 3PL into all the key supermarkets both DC and Direct to Stores. Who is responsible to apply the SSCC barcode, is it the supplier or the 3PL?
    - The recommendation is usually the shipper of the goods will create the logistic (SSCC) label and apply it to the logistic unit. Responsibility for the correctness of all the information contained on the label is assumed to rest with the shipper.

    For example, a manufacturer applies an SSCC label to the logistics unit/pallet and sends it to the 3PL (Third Party Logistics) Distribution Centre of the retailer. The 3PL scans the pallet label to record the stock received.

    If storing stock the 3PL will use the pallet label’s SSCC as the identifier.
    If the 3PL builds a new pallet for the retailer (for example with different quantities) the 3PL will affix a new pallet label using the 3PL’s own membership prefix.

    Cross-docking (goods sent to Distribution Centre (DC) and immediately sent out to the retailer, ie it is not stored at the DC) is not part of the SSCC Label project.

  8. A 3PL prepares our pallets but they currently don’t have an account with GS1. What steps should they take to open an account with you and any costs?
    - They can join GS1NZ.  Fees apply* and a GPC number range is allocated.

    Would they be able to use their account for us only or multiple clients?
    - Once they register with GS1NZ they can create SSCC for multiple clients.

    * For membership fees for 3PLs, discuss with the GS1 Customer Services manager.

  9. Can a GS1 member give a logistics provider their SSCC range to use for dispatching logistic items?
    - This is allowed where the logistic provider requests the SSCC numbers from the "Brand owner" to allocate. The Brand owner needs to be very careful with logistic providers allocation practices and have agreements in place to ensure that the logistic provider does not either misuse or go outside the allocated number.

  10. How does a 3PL access our database of GTINs in order to print on SSCC label?
    - Not recommended. Only company members have access to MyGS1.

  11. I tried to create a label and it seems I have to manually enter the product description.  
    After the first entry the GTIN and product details become repeated items and you can select them from a drop down box.

  12. Is this the only way or can we upload a list of products to avoid hassle of manual entry or mistakes.
    - The GS1 Print software is not able to import a data list. If mistakes have been made, just delete the pdf file.

  13. SSCC number – does it generate randomly or do we get to nominate from 000001? 
    - The SSCC number is created automatically by the software, incrementing the serial number starting from 000000.

  14. How do I submit SSCC pallet numbers to Foodstuffs and Progressive via EDI?
    - EDI (Electronic Data Interface) is not part of the project at this stage. Are you using your own EDI messaging system or that given to you by the retailer? Have you seen their platform, what’s the channel like?

  15. Is Best Before Date/Batch Lot a must on every label? It’ll be a lot of manual look up and entry for 3PL operators. Any quicker steps we have missed out?
    - Dates and Batch details are required for chilled products with a shelf life of fewer than 90 days. For other products, if the product carries a date or batch, it is good practice to include this information on the logistic label. This enables, first in first out stock rotation [DATE] and product traceability [BATCH number].
    The GS1 Print software has a date calendar for quick date selection. The batch needs to be manually entered. Companies that have barcode printing software [label printing in-house] may set up look-up tables. Others may use their ERP systems to extract the details.





V2 updated 10/11/2021

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