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Both Foodstuffs and Countdown really need accurate and rich product information to help sell supplier's products. The below shows where, and how, these retailers use the content. Suppliers use GS1's ProductFlow to collate the below information and synchronise it directly into the retailer's systems.


  1. Images - Countdown is directly connected to GS1's MediaLibrary for product images. Countdown's view is that having more image detail helps sales - they would like at least 4 images of each product.
  2. On Pack 'Nutritional' Information - The majority of Countdown's allergen, ingredient, nutrient information online comes verified via a direct connection to GS1's On Pack database.  Countdown Online capture verification "date" into their systems to help detect data that is aging. If your information is old or out of date, it's important that you get this updated here.
  3. Marketing Message - This automatically flows from NPC/Rapid to Woolworths' internal system for review by Countdown's team, then they push it online.
  4. Title Descriptions - While your core product description is provided to Woolworths via NPC, the Online team have oversight and control of how the 'title' appears online. If you want that edited contact with the link to the item.



  1. Images - Foodstuffs take a daily feed of updated images from GS1's MediaLibrary. These also API into Foodstuffs eXchange. Images are stored within the Foodstuffs' National Image Repository and used online and in mailers. 
  2. On Pack 'Nutritional' Information - Foodstuffs has an API in to GS1's On Pack database to pull this information. Alternatively they source it from NPC or Products in the FS eXchange - they take the most up-to-date feed. 
  3. Rich Description - Foodstuffs source this from NPC's Trade Item Marketing Message attribute. It flows into their SAP system and they use it as a base for the Rich Description online. 
  4. Title Descriptions - While your core product description is provided to Foodstuffs via NPC, the Foodstuffs Online team have oversight and control of what description appears online. If you find any discrepancies in the description, the Foodstuffs Online team control getting this updated.

Gilmours and Pak'nSave source the same data & content to use on their online sites.



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