What is my Company Code?

You may be asked for your COMPANY CODE or COMPANY PREFIX.
This could be for identification on EDI, or to create an SSCC code.

SSCC code

In MyGS1 select Shipping Codes (SSCC) from the menu on the left:


Any of the global company prefix codes (GCP) is valid. For SSCCs it does not need to match the company prefix of the GTIN of the products on the pallet. 


On EDI it is recommended you use your NZBN. If your IT department requires a separate mail box for EDI messaging then a GLN can be used. New GLNs can be requested through your MyGS1 account.





EDI - Electronic Data Interchange
SSCC - Serial Shipping Container Code
GLN - Global Location Number (shown on your MyGS1 account)
NZBN - New Zealand Business Number (shown on your MyGS1 account, or the NZBN website )

Version 1.0 11 Dec 2020



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