Foodstuffs REVIEW messages for NPC Rapid

Why am I getting REVIEW messages from Foodstuffs?

Foodstuffs require very detailed information for ranging food products. They want to have the ingredients, nutritional information, and allergens so that they can expand their online shopping offering in the future. They’ve actually required this from early 2020, and now switched on validation to further encourage this to be provided.

The easiest way to avoid the majority of these REVIEW messages is to complete a ProductFlow application for your products, or by requesting On-Pack Data collection from the GS1 Website.  If you need to range but haven’t yet been able to do ProductFlow, call your Category Manager to discuss, they may be able to push through a small subset of data.


How do I resolve the REVIEW messages?

Messages that refer to missing ingredients, nutritional information or allergens

  • What kind of product is it? If it is not a food or beverage, you will need to contact Foodstuffs’ NATPIM team at to resolve.
  • Have you applied for ProductFlow for this product? If so, did you send in the physical product?

You will have filled out a ProductFlow application when you entered the product data. That form would have encouraged you to send the product in. If you’ve done that, and we’ve received the product, we’ll ensure that the relevant data is provided to Foodstuffs. Once you’ve received your passing ProductFlow report, contact your Category Manager. They will get the ranging process moving again and the REVIEW message will be subsequently removed.

You can also submit a ProductFlow application at any time from the “Action” drop-down menu on the right-hand side of your Products page in NPC Rapid


Alternatively you can use the On Pack Collection Service at This will still require the product to be sent through to GS1, however it will not necessitate the use of photography or barcode verification services.


Messages that refer to ingredients and allergens not matching

Please raise with the GS1 Support Team to investigate the discrepancy.


Messages that refer to LIST PRICE

Please contact Foodstuffs’ NATPIM team at to resolve.


V1.0 08 December 2020

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