May 2020 Release Overview

This release contains features in the Phase 1 2020 development plan.


New Features


The Advanced Search now has the added option to select the date range in which to search for the 'Last Seen in Market' date.



Once you select a date range, you will be given the option to "Include new products that don't have last seen date yet". Ticking this option will include in your search all the products added to the database since the last "Last Seen" date was added.


When you click the "Download Data (X products)" button, you will be given the option to include all past versions of the product data that we have in the database.


A pop-up will display to let you know that the database is compiling the information. Depending on how many products you're downloading, this could take upwards of 30sec.


For now, the past versions of data are in a separate tab labelled "Previous Versions".



0 Bug Fixes


0 Improvements


Other Changes

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