Foodstuffs email Subject: [HYBRIS_PROD] Notification xxxxxxxxxx - DEX/GS1 - Product Import SUCCESS - Base GTIN xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

What is this email for?

This email from Foodstuffs National PIM is confirming to the supplier that Foodstuffs exchange has received their NPC product update, and is awaiting for the internal business team (category/buyers/stores etc) at FSNI/FSSI to request processing into their respective SAP. 
If it is a newly ranged product the internal business team will need to provide an "Article number" before making the request.

If the supplier wants to fast track this process at Foodstuffs National PIM, they can forward this HYBRIS email to their respective business contact (Cat. Mgr, buyer, store etc) at FSNI/FSSI, and ask them to contact Foodstuffs Nat PIM ( Ph: 0800 555 985) and request for "enrichment" of the new product.


How can you change the email ID receiving these emails from Foodstuffs National PIM team?

  • NPC Publisher users: As highlighted in the screenshot below, update the attribute "Communication Value" to the correct email ID & use code value EMAIL in "Communication Channel Code"


  • Middleware users: Please update the attribute "Communication Value" of the correct email ID & use code value EMAIL in "Communication Channel Code"

V1.0  24 June 2020

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