Am I Recall Ready?

This is a short guide on how to check your Organisation's Recall Ready Status. It covers:

  1. Viewing your Recall Ready Status
  2. FAQ

1. Viewing your Recall Ready Status

Being Recall Ready signals that your details are up to date and that your are prepared to quickly communicate any product safety issues. This status is shared with selected trading partners, some of which might required you to maintain a Recall Ready status as part of their terms of trade.

To view your Organisation's current Recall Ready status, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to
  2. Click on the 'Organisations and Recall Ready' menu 
  3. Scroll down to the Recall Ready section 



2. FAQ

How to I become Recall Ready?

Being Recall Ready requires you to have completed 2 tasks within the last 12 months:

  1. Confirming your Users details are up to date
  2. Completing a Mock Notification

For a guide on how to completed these two tasks, click here.

How can I prove that I'm Recall Ready?

A record of every Organisation's Recall Ready status is shared with selected Receivers. This record is updated every Monday morning.
If you need to prove that you are Recall Ready before this updates, it is recommended that you do so by sharing a screen shot of your Recall Ready status.

Why is date for my "Last Mock Notification Completed" is incorrect?

If you have recently created a Mock Notification but the date shown on the Recall Ready status page has not updated, the most likely reason will be that you have not fully completed the process of making your Notification 'Live'.
For more information on how to complete this process, click here.

Do Notifications created in 'Live Mode' count towards my Recall Ready Status?

Yes - Your Recall Ready status will look at the date of your last completed Mock or Live Notification. However, as you will (hopefully) not completing a Live Notification every 12 months this will normally be a Mock Notification.

Why is this important?

Fast and effective Product Recalls can rely on everyone in your supply chain maintaining up-to-date contact information and being familiar with their Recall processes.

The Recall Ready status prompts organisations on this service to login at least once every 12 months to check and update their details, and to run through a Mock Recall procedure, and so acts as a signal to both you and your Trading Partners that you are ready to act should a product safety issue occur.



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