Is NPC Rapid Suitable For My Business?

The NPC Rapid Loader is a simplified interface for submitting data into the National Product Catalogue (NPC). It is available for suppliers who only supply Foodstuffs NZ and/or Woolworths NZ and meet the criteria below.


  • Easy to understand - less training and support required
  • Simplified data loading process
  • Hard to make fundamental mistakes


  • No additional costs on top of the current NPC and ProductFlow (if applicable) fees


  • Basic functions automated with NPC i.e. create, edit, add & change price
  • Complex functions require GS1 staff intervention i.e. unpublish, change hierarchy, pack size change
  • Ability to import Foodstuffs and simple Woolworths NZ catalogues from NPC. Note, a cleanse of your existing data is a pre-requisite.
  • Basic ProductFlow form which must be submitted every time a customer enters a new product or makes a product change. This sends an email to the verification team who submit the request into MyGS1 for the client the following day


  • Foodstuffs NZ and Woolworths NZ suppliers only
  • Exact same hierarchy for Foodstuffs & Woolworths (if business uses NPC for both)
  • Only basic hierarchies - 1 x base, inner (if applicable), case (if applicable) only
  • Must ‘opt-in’ for ‘ProductFlow Label Data porting’ to NPC
  • NZ Currency pricing only
  • No system workarounds - i.e. bulk bin products
  • Potentially other undiscovered exceptions


  • No bulk edit or download function
  • Not compatible with other sectors or target markets
  • Can’t view or edit their on pack (nutritional) data – but it is automatically pushed to the retailer if GS1 receive the product

Who to call

  • Sascha Tschirky (Product Owner) - 027 201 8375

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4th June 2019

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