Obtaining Approval for GTIN or GCP use in China


These instructions are available in Chinese at

Exporters to China may be asked to obtain authorisation for the use of their GTINs by Chinese partners.  The term used by your Chinese partner may be “GTIN Authorisation,” “GTIN Registration” or “GTIN Filing.”  These all mean the same and refer to a process of certifying to GS1 China (The China Item Coding Center) that your partner has your permission to use your GTINs.  In some situations, you may be asked to authorise the use of your Global Company Prefix (GCP) by a Chinese partner.

Important: normal GTIN allocation rules apply so your GCP or GTINs may only be used on products that will remain plainly branded with your brand in the Chinese market.

You should send the following documents to your Chinese trading partner and also to GS1 New Zealand with a request to forward them to GS1 China:

  1. Your certificate of Good Standing from GS1 New Zealand (obtainable from your MYGS1)
  2. The Record Form for Enterprises Using Barcodes of Registered Commodities Abroad (link below) This form is required for GTINs only.  It is not required for authorising GCP use.
  3. Samples or photographs of product packaging using the GTINs or GCP showing the full appearance of the product and including the barcode

If your Chinese partner needs guidance advise them to send the material to;


Coding Management Department of China Item Coding Center

4th Floor

Royal City International

B Block 138

Outside Andingmen

Dongcheng District

Beijing 100011



Hannah Zhang  张 媛

Numbering Management Dept.


Within China documents should be sent by EMS and Shunfeng Express Company.  This is a GS1 China stipulation. You may use the carrier of your choice to get them to your Chinese partner. 


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