New ProductFlow follow up emails in NPC Rapid

NPC Rapid has a new feature to help you get your product to market successfully. Note: This is expected to be released on the 3rd of January.

In order to ensure that your digital content matches your physical product it is crucial that you send your product to GS1 for full product data verification, product image capture or check, barcode verification and on-pack data collection. This is required by your grocery retailers: Foodstuffs and Woolworths NZ.

If your product is not ready to be sent to GS1 as part of your initial submission you will now be able to indicate when the product is available.

When your product is due to be available to send to GS1 you will receive an email and also a notification in the new 'ProductFlow - Products to be sent' tab in the Rapid Loader.

To complete this request you can 'Submit for ProductFlow' either via the email sent, the ProductFlow page or directly from your Products page using the 'Action' dropdown.


Note that to view past, in progress or resubmit pending failure ProductFlow applications you will still need to visit MyGS1. MyGS1 is where all ProductFlow jobs are managed currently.

If you have any questions please get in touch with our Support Team - or 0800 10 23 56

v1.0 20 December 2018




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