What if my images are lower than 2401 pixels?

GS1 New Zealand recommends a resolution of 2500 pixels or higher. The lowest resolution we accept is above (at least) 2401 pixels on the longest edge of the product. This is to make sure your image meets all your retailers use cases for this image. 


The above image is an example of how we determine the pixel dimensions.

We measure the longest edge of the product inside the clipping path. Extra padding around the product will not result in a higher resolution image. This is to make sure images have a standard level of resolution and can be converted into many different image standards for your retailers.


What can you do about low-resolution images?

Unfortunately, there are not many options once an image file has been saved lower than 2401px.

GS1 does not recommend upscaling the image. This will result in pixelation and compromise image quality. The image may fail for quality.

If you had your images professionally taken your photographer will have the ability to provide high-resolution files. Most cameras will be able to achieve greater than 2500px when taken correctly.

If not, we provide affordable professional photography options. Contact for more information.

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