What are GS1 New Zealand's photography specifications?

 GS1 New Zealand's photography specifications are designed to be within the range of options provided by the global GS1 photography specs and to provide users with a versatile and useful product suitable for marketing or space management applications.

We provide the images in a standard format and named according to the global GS1 photography specifications. This is easily converted to any format used in marketing and space management environments.


Size & Format

File Naming: The image must be named with the GTIN/barcode number

File Type: JPEG

Background Colour: White (RGB 255/255/255)

Colour Mode: sRGB

Resolution: 300ppi

Dimensions: We recommend supplying images at their highest resolution, meeting our standards of minimum 2500 pixels on the longest edge of the product when cropped tight

Clipping Path: Clear-cut, with one active clipping path named 'Path 1' around the product in the image


Image Types

GS1 photographs two standard images. One 2D (Front Shot) and one 3D (Plunge/angle shot). Different retailers and trading partners require different image types. Please check with your trading partner for your required image types. 



Some products do not require a 3D (Plunge/angle shot) such as:

  1. Wine bottles specifically and any cylindrical bottle with a very narrow top
  2. Any flat items with a depth of 10mm or less
  3. Flexible plastic bag packaging and plastic pouches with a thin top edge e.g frozen peas or soup.

Please check with your trading partner for your required image types. 


Image Guide

1. Images dimension is recorded within the path. Avoid large padding or borders to make sure that your image meets dimension requirments.



2. The branding and product name are clearly visible, not twisted or otherwise cut off.




3. The product name is not hidden.



4. Soft packs are smoothed. If visible, the product inside is arranged neatly.



5. The 2D (Front Shot) of the product is straight on with no plunge.



6. Product or packaging are not rotated, branding and name are visible.Screen_Shot_2018-10-31_at_2.19.58_PM.png


7. Labels are straight, not twisted, rotated or bent.



8. Product and packaging look appealing and tidy.



9. Promotional information or Best Before dates are not visible.



10. Drop shadows are not added.


11. Clearcutting should be accurate and against the outer edge of the product. No feathering or effects, just a hard-edged line following the contour of the packaging.




12. The side that displays the most information should be shown and the largest brand face - examples of these include cheese blocks, margarine and yoghurts.



Any further questions contact our support team 0800 10 23 56

 Version 1.1 – Updated 7th November 2018


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