NPC Rapid Loader Release Notes 25-07-18

The below notes are related to the latest release of the NPC Rapid Loader due by the 25-07-18. For further instructions on the NPC Rapid Loader please refer to the latest version of the User Guide.

  • You can now submit ProductFlow Applications directly from the Rapid Loader using the below functions.
    1. Submitting a new product (via the 'Create new product' or 'Make a Copy' buttons)
    2. Submitting a product change
    3. Submitting a ProductFlow Application directly from the 'Products' page for a product which has already been submitted

The ProductFlow tab displayed below in the Create, edit and change menu

A list of menus which you can now submit ProductFlow Applications from

* You will still have the ability to submit any type of ProductFlow, Photography or Verification application via MyGS1. This is also where the process will be driven from when you make a request via Rapid and therefore viewing past requests, resubmitting requests that are 'pending failure', etc will be need to done here.

** The submission will provide you with a cost estimate. Note that it will not account for any free Bar Code Verification's - however the final invoice you receive will.

*** Note that Rapid still saves all product data when pressing next or back. However if the ProductFlow tab is half finished and you leave the page, your selections will need to be re-entered. The results of previous submitted requests can also only be found in MyGS1.

**** When you are fixing incorrectly entered data you simply select -> Make Changes -> Fix Product Data and then you will not need to submit another ProductFlow Application


  • The 'Create new variant' function has been removed and has been release by a more universal 'Make a Copy' function. It will prompt you to provide the GTINs for the product you are adding and from there you will need to update any other fields which are different from the item you are publishing. Following this you need to complete the ProductFlow section and add pricing for your retailer(s).

  • There is now a 'Support' icon at the bottom right hand side of your screen which provides a 'Live Chat' when our Help Desk are online and links to our Help Centre material.


  • Marketing Message is now a mandatory field as your retailers want this to help market your product


  • You can no longer select which charity you would like to donate your product to in the ProductFlow Menu. We have done this to try and simplify the donation option as we like to make significant donations of suitable products to our selected charities. With us being able to manage this makes, it easier and more worthwhile for both the charities and us.


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