'Recall Ready' for Foodstuffs Sites

Foodstuffs is now using a new feature of ProductRecallNZ called 'Recall Ready' that asks Store Administrators to check and confirm that their users are up-to-date each year to become 'Recall Ready'.

How to 'Confirm User Details Up to Date'

Step 1: Log into the ProductRecallNZ System

Step 2: Go to the 'Users List' and check that the users are up-to-date

Step 3: Click 'Confirm User Details Up to Date' at the bottom of the screen (see image)


Need Help Administering Users?

If you wish to make changes to your users, for example adding a new user or suspending an old one, please see this User Administrator Helpguide

 Need More Help?

For support on your 'Recall Ready' status or updating users, please contact the friendly GS1 Support Team:

GS1 Support Team

0800 10 23 56 

Version 1: Last updated July 2018

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