Understanding Conditional Pass Reports

A conditional pass is provided when the final saleable product was not yet available but the data in the National Product Catalogue can have an initial check.

The product verification report will be emailed to the person who made the application.

N.B GS1 can change who the report is sent to if required please email

The email will have the following comment: 

 IMPORTANT - GS1 checks outlined below are compromised as there was no physical product to check against.



The report is attached to the email and is created from the options selected during the application.

The report will have the following comment:

GS1NZ data checks on this product are compromised due to no shelf-ready product to verify data against.

Please note that best practice is to send full product for all ProductFlow processes.

The report shows that:

-The barcode verification for the base was not accessed.

-The images are not taken.

-The data in the National Product Catalogue has passed an initial check but has not been checked

 against the actual salable product.

The following options may have been selected during the application to trigger a conditional report:




Version 1.2 – Updated 21st June 2018




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