For the Southern Cross Hospitals Limited National Product Catalogue v19 of UNSPSC must be used.

The United Nations Standard Products and Services Code® (UNSPSC®), managed by GS1 US™ for the UN Development Programme (UNDP), is an open, global, multi-sector standard for efficient, accurate classification of products and services.
UNSPSC is an efficient, accurate and flexible classification system for achieving company-wide visibility of spend analysis, as well as enabling procurement to deliver on cost-effectiveness demands and allowing full exploitation of electronic commerce capabilities. Encompassing a five level hierarchical classification codeset, UNSPSC enables expenditure analysis at grouping levels relevant to your needs. You can drill down or up the codeset to see more or less detail as is necessary for business analysis.

Attached is a complete list of the UNSPSC v19.  There are three tabs: the first includes all levels of the Code - Segment, Family, Class and Commodity; the 2nd tab is Commodity only; the 3rd tab is colour-coded and shows the differences between v19 and v15.

Also attached is a short list which only contains the codes for Laboratory, Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals.  One of the major changes between versions 15 & 19 are the pharmaceutical codes and groupings.

Many of the v15 codes can be found in v19.  For assistance with making changes to the UNSPSCs for Southern Cross Hospitals, please call or email the GS1 Support Team 0800 10 23 56.


Created:  19 Jun 2018                                                                        Last Updated:  8/01/2020

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