How to search on MediaLibrary

There are many ways to search for an image in MediaLibrary. Below are some of the most common ways to search.


Search Specifics

  1. By default, a search is a "Starts With" search. Typing "gre" in search box will find images containing words that start with "gre" like green, great and grey etc.
  2. "Contains" search - To do this add an asterisk (*) to the front of your search term.
    E.g. typing *gre will find words that start with anything that contain "gre" in them like green, great, grey as well as ogre and aggregate.

Multi Word Searches

  1. If two words are entered separated by spaces, MediaLibrary will perform an “AND” search (look for images that use word1 AND word2). Only images that match both words will be returned.
  2. To perform an “OR” search type OR (in capitals) between each word. This will return images that contain either word1 or word2.

Special characters

  1. The space character is used to separate individual words to be searched and is used to perform and “AND” search. e.g. “canon ink” is the same as “canon AND ink”. This will only find images that contain both “canon” and “ink”.
  2. Use Quotation marks (" ") to group multiple words together as a single search phrase. Only images that match the entire phrase will be returned. E.g. real drink will return anything with the word real and the word drink but “real drink” will only return an image that has “real drink” in an attribute.

Searching by GTIN

  1. Searching by GTIN works the same way as searching by word/phrase.
    E.g. entering the first few digits of a GTIN will return all images with a GTIN starting with those digits.
    E.g. entering an asterisk (*) then the last few digits of a GTIN will bring up any images with those digits.

Bulk searching

Using ‘Bulk Search’ you can search with a list of GTINs, brand or description. More instructions can be found in MediaLibrary under Bulk Search.

Searching for Private/Public images

To search for private images, type "IsPrivate: 1"
To search for public images, type "IsPrivate: 0"

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