I have a small product - how do I get a GTIN-8?

GTIN-8 Allocation

The GTIN-8 Identification Number (symbology EAN-8) is available for items that do not include enough available space to permit the use of an EAN-13 or UPC-A Symbol. GTIN-8 Identification Numbers are individually assigned by GS1 New Zealand on request.

Note there is a limited number of GTIN-8s available so we cannot guarantee one will be allocated. 

**    Email your request to the Support Team (
**    with details of your product 
including the size.
**    The following conditions will be taken into consideration. 

The following considerations should be observed in order to determine whether a GTIN-8 should be allocated to a member's product. Options that should be considered are:

  • Whether the barcode can be reduced in size (e.g. printed at a lower X-dimension, taking into account the minimum barcode symbol print quality requirements)
  • Whether the label or artwork can reasonably be changed to enable the printer's recommended size of a GTIN-13 or GTIN-12 Barcode Symbol to be included (e.g. redesigning the label, increasing the label size, especially when the existing label is small in comparison with the pack area, or using an additional label). The label includes the total printed design surface, whether or not it is separately affixed.
  • Whether a truncated barcode symbol can be used. A truncated barcode symbol (normal length, but reduced in height) may only be used if there is absolutely no possibility of printing a full size barcode symbol. Truncation removes the omni-directional scanning capability. A barcode symbol with excessive truncation will not be of any practical use. Members considering this option should consult their retailers to see if an acceptable compromise can be reached.

Item size constraints allow several possible options:

  • The use of a GTIN-8 Identification Number is authorised when the EAN-13 or UPC-A Barcode Symbol in the size required as a result of print quality studies exceeds either 25% of the printed label area or 12.5% of the total printable area.
  • The use of a GTIN -8 Identification Number is authorised when either the largest side of the printed label is less than 40 cm² or the total printable area is less than 80 cm².
  • The use of a GTIN -8 Identification Number is authorised on cylindrical products with a diameter less than 3 cm.

Version 1.1 – Updated 23rd February 2018

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