Frequently Asked Questions - Shared Products

Firstly, you will need to go to add a product.

Select product.png

Figure 1 - Shared Products screen showing how to add a new product. 

Then add the GTIN (Barcode Number) into the correct level.
If it is a base unit GTIN then you will need to populate the Base GTIN field.
Figure 2 - GTIN data fields for Base, Inner pack and Case level. 

If your product does not have an Inner pack or Case level GTIN then you can leave these fields blank.
This will then send you through to the next page where you will fill out the required data fields about the product.


To add a new retailer to an existing product you will first need to go into the product and use the update button.

Help Centre page 1.png
Figure 1 - Shared Products screen showing location of Update button within a selected product.

In the Select retailers section you will need to add the new retailer you wish to field the product to. Please note that the required data may change depending on the retailers specific requirements. Once you submit the data you will be prompted to add Pricing for the new retailer.

Figure 2 - Select retailer screen within an item.

If you do not see your desired retailer as an option, this may mean you are currently not setup to send data to them. If you wish to process data to retailers that are currently unavailable, you can register to have them setup via our website.


If you have no available stock for a product you range to Mitre 10, You will need to populate the "next availability date" field.

Firstly you will need to go into the product you wish to edit and use the Update button.

Then you will need to  either scroll down to the "Dates" tab or select the "Dates" tab.

Figure 1 - Highlights selectable "Dates" tab

Figure 2 - Shows data fields under "Dates" tab and highlights "Next availability date" field.


You will then need to populate the field "Next availability date" with a future date of when the product is next available to order by Mitre 10.


If a product you range has a price change and you are required to update this you will first need to select the product and go under the pricing tab.

Pricing select an item.png

Figure 1 - Shows the location of the item on the home page, as well as how to proceed to figure 2.

Help Centre Page 2.png

Figure 2 - Shows the location of the "Pricing" tab within a product and the Change button to add new pricing.

If a product has multiple prices for different retailers (i.e. M10, PMKS, ITM) you will need to select the correct retailer the price change is occurring for and click on the change button.


This will prompt you to select a new Effective start date and pricing.
Please ensure the new Effective start date is a future date. 

Help centre help.png

Figure 3 - Shows the layout of the change price screen. 

Please note that depending on the retailer there may be specific date requirements.

There are two possible ways you can edit your data in Shared Products. Either by using the "Correction" or "Update" button.
Help centre 3.png
Figure 1 - Shows the screen within a product with the "Correction" and "Update" button

When you click on either button, a small popup will appear with a description on what each button is for.


Figure 2 - Prompt when clicking the Correction button
The correction button is for incorrectly inputted data or for fields that were initially missed.


Figure 2 - Prompt when clicking the Update button
The update button is for any changes being made to a product without it requiring a GTIN change.
You also use the update button to update which retailers you range the product to.

There are two possible ways you can Deactivate/End date a product.
You can either:

  • Select an item on the main product page and then click on the "Deactivate" button.
    • This method allows multiple items to be Deactivated/End dated at one time.
    • Please note if you are end dating multiple items with this method, they all will have to have the same end date.
    • (Ensure you are using the "Deactivate" button, as the "Remove Products from Shared" will not add an end date to the item). 

How to deactivate_End date Item in SharedProducts.png

Figure 1 - Highlights selecting an item and the "Deactivate" button.


  • Go directly into an item and click the "Deactivate" button.    

how to deactivate_End date item in SharedProducts 2.png

Figure 2 - Highlights location of "Deactivation" button when selecting a product.

After selecting to Deactivate a product with either method it will prompt you to select an end date.

Figure 3 - The box to select an end date that pops up after clicking the Deactivate button.

The "Select Date for Deactivation" will automatically populate the field with tomorrows date.
You can edit this by typing out the preferred date or by using the calendar at the end of the field.

Please double-check that you have the correct GTIN before end dating an item.

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