Mock Recalls

IMPORTANT: The process of creating Live Notifications is largely the same as Mock Notifications. If you have a Live Notification, we recommend reading this article first.

This guide covers how to create a mock notification in the ProductRecallNZ service. It is recommended that you create this notification as part of a wider mock recall exercise.

Creating a Mock Notification is one of the two tasks required to become Recall Ready. To complete this task the notification must be approved. See the Recall Ready article for more information.


IMPORTANT: This video is in the process of being updated. Please see the Mock Recall Guide section below for the most up-to-date information.

Mock Recall Guide

To begin create a scenario of an issue (ie Undeclared Allergen) and a product(s) that would require a recall. We recommend you conduct an investigation and traceability exercise to collect realistic information (ie what batches would be affected and what customers would you have supplied products to). You can then input this information into your GS1 Mock notification.

Tip: At any point, you can save and close a notification. You can then click the 'edit' to continue working on your draft notification.

Creating a new Mock Notification
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Tip: Hover over a ? Icon for information about what should go in a field. You can also use the support widget in the bottom left corner to ask our support team a question.

Filling in a notification
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On the left-hand side of the screen, there will be a list of pages. Use the Next a Previous buttons to move through the pages, or click on a page to go there directly.

On each page:

  • Fill out all the fields with a purple asterisk next to them (mandatory fields)
  • Click save
  • Check that there is no red box next to the page you are currently on
  • Click Next to go to the next page

Repeat until all mandatory are filled out and you have added at least one recipient. 

Note: Regulators and verifiers will not be alerted to Mock Notifications. It is safe to use the 'Submit to Regulor' and 'Submit to Verifier' buttons.

Adding regulators
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A regulator can be selected from the Details screen.

For Food & Beverage recalls, the regulator will be The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). Selecting MPI will let you issue a Recall Hazard/Risk Analysis Form. Click here to see our specific guide.

For Consumer Goods recalls, the regulator is usually The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE). Selecting MBIE will add a new screen for information they have requested.

If your product(s) do not fall under these regulators, de-select the regulator field.

Note: Being able to search for and upload your product data can save a lot of time during a recall. To learn more about this functionality, see this article.

Adding products
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For every product that is affected:

  1. Start typing the product name into the search box.
    Select the product from the drop-down, or Enter Manually.
  2. Add a GTIN (or alternate identifier) and fill in the mandatory fields (purple asterisks).
  3. Click 'Add Another Product' or 'Summary of Products' once you have added all affected products.

From the summary screen check that there are no red boxes next to added products. If there is, select that product and click 'Edit Product'. You will need to fill out any mandatory fields.

Tip: Add your real trading partners. They will not be alerted to Mock Notifications.

Adding Recipients
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Organisations using this service can be added from the Subscribed Recipient page. Organisations not using this service will need to upload from the Non-Subscribed Recipient page.

From the Subscribed Recipients page:

  1. Search for a trading partner in the Organisation Name field
  2. Select the organisation (tick in next to name)
  3. Confirm recipients were from the 'Added Recipeints' tab

If you can't find them, try searching for a different name, or add them as a non-subscribed recipient.

From the Subscribed Recipients page:

  1. Enter your contacts organisation, name, and email.
    Optionally enter a mobile number and NZBN.
  2. Click '+ Add to Notification'

For a more efficient way to upload multiple trading partners, see Adding Multiple Non-Subscribed Recipients.

There are many benefits to adding trading partners as subscribed recipients. It is recommended that you add your real trading partners to mock notifications to learn which are subscribed.

Tip: Notifications need to be approved by a user at your organisation. The notification is not completed until it has been approved.

Submitting and Approving a notification
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Once your notification is filled out it will need to be approved.

From the Submit page:

  1. Click Submit for Approval
    On the pop up you will see a list of users who can approve this notification
  2. Click Yes
  3. Click Approve/Reject
  4. Review your notification
  5. Click Approve
    If you want to make changes, click Reject instead

All Approver users at your organisation will receive an email when your notification is submitted for approval. Only one person will need to review and approve the notification.

Once your Notification has been approved it is completed.

Note: Progress Reports for Mock notifications will not update. They are not issued and so won't be read or reported on.

View Progress Report
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Once a notification has been approved you will be able to track its progress in real-time via the Progress Report page.

Here you will see each recipient's status, and the quantity of affected product identified (subscribed recipient only).

See the Progress Report guide for more information.

Note: Updating a notification will not count towards your Recall Ready status. You will need to create a new notification to renew your status.

Updating a notification
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In the event of a live recall, you may need to change the details of your notification. Updating a notification lets you change all details, including added products, instructions, and recipients.

To update a notification:

  1. Click Update
  2. Enter a reason for the update
  3. Make required changes
  4. Submit and approve notification


This section offers solutions to common issues. We also offer a free webinar.

This is because you do not have the required role to complete this step.

You will either need to be given the required role by one of your organization's administrators, or someone with the required role will need to complete that step.

To see the 'Create New Notification' button you will need to have an Initiator role.

To see the 'Approve/Reject' button you must have an Approver role.

For more information on roles, see the User Admin guide.



Last updated: 25/11/2021

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