Changing Your Organisation's Account Administrator


  • Must be the Account Administrator for the organisation. 
  • Must have finished all Account Administrator tasks before changing this as you will lose your administrator privileges immediately after exiting out of the User Maintenance screen. 

Only the existing Account Administrator user can make this change. For this reason, It is preferable that this change is done before the original Account Administrator leaves their role. If this is not possible and there is no way to login to the original Account Administrator's account, then GS1 will need to be contacted to change the Account Administrator. Email or call our support team on 0800 10 23 56.

If the new Account Administrator is not yet on the system, they will need to be added as a user - please see this article on Adding Users for instructions on how to do this. 

Step 1. Go to and login to the Account Administrator's account.

Step 2. Click on the 'Users' tab on the left hand menu.


Step 3. You will be taken to the 'Users List' for your organisation. From here, click the checkbox that says 'Account Administrator' to apply a filter that shows Account Administrators only

Step 4. Go to the edit user screen for the current Account Administrator by either double-clicking on their name or clicking the 'edit' icon. 

Step 5. Locate the 'Change Account Administrator to:' field and select the user who will be the new Account Administrator. 

Step 6. We recommend setting the Account Administrator as the 'Central Coordinator' for the organisation, too. This is the main contact for receivers in the event of a recall.

Step 7. In the bottom right corner of the screen, press 'Save' then select 'back' from the left-hand menu to return to the user list. 

Step 8. When you leave the User Maintenance , the change will take place and the new user will become the Primary Contact. Until then, the user who is logged in will retain their Account Administrator rights. 

Step 9. It is strongly recommended that the new Account Administrator ensures the account remains 'Recall Ready'. They can learn more about this from this short video here.

Version 1.2: Last updated June 2018

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