User Roles and Organisation Types on PRNZ

How can your organisation and users be set up in ProductRecallNZ? Read on to learn more about user roles and organisation types in the ProductRecallNZ System.

To change your organisation type, please contact the GS1 Support Team at 0800 10 23 56 or send an email to

1. Overview

A. Organisation Types Available on ProductRecallNZ

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B. User Roles Available on ProductRecallNZ

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2. Initiator Organisation (Supplier, Manufacturer, Distributor)

An Initiator Organisation is set up to send notifications of Recall or Withdrawal to their retailers. This organisation type is usually the brand owner of the affected product or the party responsible for supplying the affected product directly to market.

These organisations will typically have more than one user attached to their account with one or more of the following roles:

Initiator – Manages the majority of the work for an organisation as they will be the creators of a recall or withdrawal notification. When the Initiator User finishes inputting all relevant data and adding recipients to the notification, they then 'Submit for Approval'. 

Approver – The Approver holds an overseer role. This type of role is commonly filled by managers or executives of a company. When the Initiator contact has finished creating the notification and 'Submits for Approval', the Approver User is prompted by email to login and review the notification. They are then given the option to 'Approve' or 'Reject' the notification.

For one-step approval, the notification will go live immediately upon approval. For 2-Step Approval, the Approver will have to approve the notification, then 'Go Live' to issue it. 

Please Note: A User can hold both an Initiator and an Approver role. 

Viewer - This type of user can only view existing initiated notifications for their organisation. They cannot create, edit or approve these notifications.

3. Receiver Organisation (Trading Partner)

A Receiver Organisation on the ProductRecallNZ system is set up to receive notifications of Recall or Withdrawal from their suppliers. Upon receiving these notifications, the Receiver organisation must take action on the notification and then reporting findings (quantity of affected products found) in the system back to the Supplier. This can be done by directly reporting, or by distributing the notification on to this receiver's private locations and having them report back on quantity found.

Receiver Organisations have 2 potential user roles:

Receiver– Users in Receiver Organisations are also called 'Receivers'. They receive an email or SMS alerrt when a notification has been sent to their organisation. They then need to login to their account to view the notification and report back to the Initiator of the notification on the products found.

Viewer - This type of user can only view existing received notifications for their organisation. They cannot report back on these notifications.


4. Initiator & Receiver Organisation 

This type of organisation is set up in the system as both an Initiator and a Receiver. Organisations who want to be on the system to actively send notifications to their own retailers but also wish to receive notifications from their own suppliers should consider being a 'Both' organisation.

As a result of being an amalgamation of the two common types of entity on the system, this organisation must include a user or users with an Initiator, Approver and Receiver type role. Like a Receiver, this organisation can also set up private (internal) locations, only visible to them, to whom they can distribute notifications.

If you would like to change to an Initiator & Receiver organisation, please contact GS1 Support to change your organisation settings and learn more about initiating and receiving notifications.

5. Global Receiver Organisation

This organisation type is automatically added as a receiver to all notifications. These organisations can be deleted from the 'Submit' page of notification creation. 

User roles are as follows:

Viewer: Global Receiver users are only able to view the notifications they receive. They cannot action them in any way. 

6. User Maintenance Roles

All User Maintenance Roles must be added to a user who already holds one of the above roles in an organisation (For example: Initiator, Approver, Receiver or Viewer)

Account Administrator: This is the Key Contact for the account. They will need to be available initially to set up the company & contacts in the system. The Account Administrator will from then on be responsible for amending company details and adding & suspending users from the system. 

User Administrator: This type of user can also edit and suspend users in the ProductRecallNZ system. However, unlike the Account Administrator, they are not the first point of contact for the account.

Team Leader: This User is a 'team leader' for several organisations or locations. This means that they have account administrative abilities within multiple locations. This is most commonly used with Receiver organisations that have private locations attached. 

7. Other Roles

Sponsor: The sponsor is someone from senior management (such as a Director, CEO or General Manager). The sponsor’s only role is to endorse the Key Contact. This is normally done during the ProductRecallNZ On-boarding process. A sponsor does not have to be a user in the system, but if they are, they usually take up the role of Approver. 

Version 2: Last updated November 2016

Reviewed: April 2022

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