Notification Template: MPI Form

If you have any questions about how to answer this form, please get in touch with Ministry of Primary Industries in the first instance. Give their Food Compliance Team a call on 0800 00 83 33

Food recalls protect the consumers from products that may cause illness, injury or death. Food recalls may also be used to prevent unsuitable food being eaten.

Specific requirements relating to the recall of food are outlined in the Animal Products Act 1999, the Food Act 2014 and the Wine Act 2003. It is a legal requirement to inform the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) about recalls. Please contact MPI as soon as possible on 0800 00 83 33 and ask for the Food Compliance team. It is best to discuss the situation as MPI can assist in determining the need to recall.

When completing these sections, please do not wait for all information before submitting. Information can be added as it becomes available.

Version 1.2: Last Updated 31 October 2018

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