Notification Template: MPI Form

This is a walk-through guide of how to fill out the "Ministry for Primary Industries - Regulator Forms" template while creating a new notification for a recall or withdrawal on ProductRecallNZ. 

In this article, the Pink Text signifies that the field is mandatory. 

Food recalls protect the consumers from products that may cause illness, injury or death. Food recalls may also be used to prevent unsuitable food being eaten.

Specific requirements relating to the recall of food are outlined in the Animal Products Act 1999, the Food Act 2014 and the Wine Act 2003. It is a legal requirement to inform the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) about recalls. Please contact MPI as soon as possible on 0800 00 83 33 and ask for the Food Compliance team. It is best to discuss the situation as MPI can assist in determining the need to recall.

When completing these sections, please do not wait for all information before submitting. Information can be added as it becomes available.

Ministry for Primary Industries (Regulator Form)

Please state the name of the MPI Food Act Officer you have notified: Optional field. MPI recommends that you speak with the Food Compliance Team before you begin your notification. Here, you should include the full name of the Officer.

Issuing Organisation Details

Organisation Name

Trading As

On behalf of: This field is to be used by organisations like Foodstuffs, Bidvest and Z Energy in the event that an organisation is required to send out a notification of withdrawal/recall but is not registered for ProductRecallNZ






Phone Number: Please use your cellphone number, here if possible. 


Primary Contact Details: These fields should auto-populate from the ProductRecallNZ account.





Mobile/After Hours Number: It is highly important that MPI are able to get in contact with the organisation's contact. 


Brand/Product Name: Please fill out a general name that will identify the affected product or products. Please note: You will be filling out more product detail on the Products screen of the notification, which is also available for MPI to view. 

Product Information

Product Information including suspected batches. Note: to enter detailed information by product, please complete the 'Products' forms

Hazard/Non-Compliance Details

Details of Hazard/Non-compliance: 

Describe Hazard/Non-compliance:

Has any testing been done?

If yes, please upload analytic test results

Does the product contravene a regulatory limit or standard?

If yes, please provide details of applicable regulatory limit/s or standard/s

Where is the affected product?

Where is the product sold?

Has the product been exported? This includes all products sold outside of NZ including exports to Australia and the Pacific Islands

If yes, please list the name and location of all export recipients

Have you informed each customer/recipient of affected product?

Are some or all of these products imported?

Consumption Information

How is the product commonly used (e.g. eaten immediately, stored for a few days, stored for a long period of time in a freezer/pantry?

How much of the product is usually eaten in one sitting and how often?

Is the product ready to eat?

Consumer/Medical Reporting

Have there been any consumer complaints about the product?

Any reports of illness or injury?

Regulator Information

Expert opinion - note experts consulted and results of consultation

Any other relevant factors. This section should be used to record anything else that influences the recall decision

Hazard/Risk assessment indicates recall required?

Intended recall action

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