Notification Template: Instructions Screen

This is a walk-through guide of how to fill out the "Instructions" template while creating a new notification for a recall or withdrawal on ProductRecallNZ. 

In this article, the Pink Text signifies that the field is mandatory. 

Handling Instructions

Special Handling Required? If the product has instructions for hazardous material, please tick 'yes'.

Special Handling Instructions: This field only appears if you select 'yes' for special handling. Please enter details of dealing with hazardous materials.

Instructions File Upload: This is non-mandatory, if the instructions are easier to read in a different file format than text. 

Instructions in Store: This is a drop-down menu. Please select the appropriate choice for retail stores.

Instructions in Warehouse: This is a free- text field detailing what should be done with the products at the warehouse level.

Instructions for In-Transit Product: This is useful if there are products that have not yet reached their final destination. 

Instructions for Consumers (Only mandatory for Consumer Level Recalls): This will include details of product returns and refunds, as well as any advice for what the consumer should do with the affected product.

Other Handling Instructions: If there are additional handling instructions that do not fit into the above fields, please detail them here. 

Instructions for Non-Subscribed Recipients (Only mandatory notifications with non-subscribed recipients attached): These are the only instructions displayed on Non-Subscribed recipient Notifications. 

Link to MPI (Ministry of Primary Industries) Safety Notice for Non-Subscribed Recipients: This can include a link to the MPI Safety Notice if it exists. Notices can be found here.

Reimbursement Instructions

Proof Required for Credit: This is a drop-down field - What is required to obtain credit for these particular goods?

Additional Information: Any additional information you feel is required to explain the reimbursement process.

Credit Claim Contact Details: If the organisation has specific contact details for obtaining a credit claim, such as a fax line, please enter them here. 

Version 1.2: Last edited November 2016

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