Notification Template: Notification Details Screen

This is a guide for filling out the "Details" screen. This is the first screen you encounter when creating a notification. 


A Notification is made up of a series of screens (and fields) that must be completed in order to send the notification to Trading Partners.

This is the screen where you define the nature of the notification. There are 5 Mandatory fields including: the 'Notification Name', the 'Product Type', its 'Classification' (Recall or Withdrawal), if 'Notification to Regulator is Required', the 'Primary Reason for the Notification' and 'Additional Information Regarding Reason for Notification' and up to 3 optional fields.

For more information about classifying a notification, or knowing whether to get a regulator (eg: MPI or MBIE) involved, please see this link.

Saving your Notification

For the notification to be saved for the first time, you must fill out all mandatory fields on the 'Details' screen then press 'save'. Once saved, you can 'close' the notification and come back to it at any time.

What does the screen look like?

NB: Mandatory fields are denoted by a pink star *

(Click to expand image).

Help Features

NB: If you are unsure what to enter into a field you can hover over the '?' symbol to reveal help text

(Click to expand image). 

Version 1.2: Last updated August 2018

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