User Administration for Initiators

For a helpguide on User Administration for Initiator and Initiator/Receiver Organisations, see the video, or download the PDF helpguide below. For the video, we recommend you click 'play', then click 'Youtube' to watch the video in Youtube.

Video Sections:

Alternatively, jump directly to a video section by clicking the hyperlinks - 

  • Am I an Administrator? 00:31
  • Users List 02:02
  • Editing an Existing User 02:25
  • Adding a New User 03:16 Suspending + Reinstating a User 05:15
  • Changing the Account Administrator 06:16

If you prefer, click here to download a PDF helpguide for User Administration. 

Frequently Used Sections of the PDF User Guide:

  • Adding a New User - Page 3
  • Editing an Existing User - Page 8
  • Suspending/Making a User Inactive - Page 10

Other Useful Sections of the PDF User Guide:

  • Adding a User to Multiple Organisations - Page 5
  • Adding a User as a contact only - Page 7
  • Changing the Account Administrator - Page 9
  • Resetting another user's password - Page 11



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