User Administration

For a helpguide on User Administration see the video, or download the PDF helpguide below. For the video, we recommend you click 'play', then click 'Youtube' to watch the video in Youtube.

Video Sections:

Alternatively, jump directly to a video section by clicking the hyperlinks - 

  • Am I an Administrator? 00:31
  • Users List 02:02
  • Editing an Existing User 02:25
  • Adding a New User 03:16
  • Suspending + Reinstating a User 05:15
  • Changing the Account Administrator 06:16

If you prefer, click here to download a PDF helpguide for User Administration. 

Frequently Used Sections of the PDF User Guide:

  • Adding a New User - Page 3
  • Editing an Existing User - Page 8
  • Suspending/Making a User Inactive - Page 10

Other Useful Sections of the PDF User Guide:

  • Adding a User to Multiple Organisations - Page 5
  • Adding a User as a contact only - Page 7
  • Changing the Account Administrator - Page 9
  • Resetting another user's password - Page 11

 Version 1: Last updated October 1st 2018


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