DHBNC Use of Supplier ID, GLNs and Pricing

The DHB National Catalogue is currently administered by healthAlliance Shared Services and uses your New Zealand National Product Catalogue as a source of product and pricing data.

For the purposes of this document, ‘SSO/DHB’ means ‘Shared Service Organisation’ and/or ‘District Health Board(s)’ and/or ‘Other Public Buying Agents’ that purchase on behalf of the DHB. For example Pharmac

Product Range & Identification of your organisation within your National Product Catalogue


In the DHB National Catalogue the supplier is ordinarily represented as the ‘GLN of Information Provider’ from your National Product Catalogue, which means the business entity that has the primary commercial relationship with the New Zealand District Health Board National Catalogue. If a supplier is an Australian business entity which has the primary commercial relationship with the New Zealand District Health Boards then this GLN would be that of the Australian business.


Product and Service Range

The DHB National Catalogue will contain data for all re-orderable product and services, which have been purchased by the DHBs within the past 12 months.

This includes devices, medicines, other (non-healthcare products), and services that are ordered by the DHBs.

This also includes any device, medicine or other (non-healthcare products), and services that are under a national contract to PHARMAC, MBIE, the DHB’s or healthAlliance National Procurement.


Products that meet the above criteria need to be loaded into the DHB National Catalogue.

Healthcare products may be regulated devices or medicines, or non-regulated products. Non-healthcare products also need to be loaded into the DHB National Catalogue.

The data requirements for services are explained in the National Product Catalogue Data Requirements document. This can be found on the Help Centre.


Suppliers of services who currently have contracts with a DHB(s) are not required to obtain GTINs for those services until a new contract is signed. Any supplier with a current contract may choose to apply for and use a GTIN prior to contract renewal.

Re-orderable services are to be loaded to the DHB National Catalogue. The data requirements for services are explained in the National Product Catalogue  data requirements document; please see the appendix.

A service will require a GTIN. Please contact GS1 NZ if you require assistance in understanding how to allocate GTINs to services.


Pricing Data

 It is expected any national contract or transaction prices are loaded into your National Product Catalogue (GS1net). Also, by default any pricing specific to a DHB should also be loaded.


Prices should be applied at the ‘Invoice’ level of the packaging hierarchy. This level of packaging is identified when the GTIN has a Y value in the field ‘Is trade item an invoice unit?’


Pricing Model - Use of Global Location Numbers (GLNs) 

The DHB National Catalogue has a pricing model which works on a hierarchical basis. A national price is a price available to all DHBs within the country and should be indicates using the DHBNC National Price GLN. While this price is available to all DHBs within the area, some DHBs may have their own specific prices. As such, these DHB prices will need to be provided by specifying the GLN for that DHB.


Prices should be published at the highest applicable level. Global Location Numbers (GLNs) have been allocated by GS1 NZ and are global unique identifiers for these legal entities. Prices at the ‘Ship-to’ level are entered for any GLN for which a price may apply. See the list of NZ GLNs below.

New Zealand Healthcare GLNs



DHBNC National Catalogue  (Publish-to GLN/Recipient GLN)


Price Location-To GLNs


DHBNC National Price


Health Alliance


Northland DHB


Waitemata DHB


Auckland DHB


Counties Manukau DHB


Waikato DHB


Bay of Plenty DHB


Lakes DHB


Hawkes Bay DHB


Tairawhiti DHB


Mid Central DHB


Wanganui DHB


Taranaki DHB


Wairarapa DHB


Hutt Valley DHB


Capital and Coast DHB


Nelson Marlborough DHB


West Coast DHB


Canterbury DHB


South Canterbury DHB


Southern DHB




For more complete information regarding the NPC, Supplier ID, GLNs and Pricing please see the attached document.


For pricing specifically, DHB NC - NPC Pricing by GLN may be helpful


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