User Guide: Distribution List Maintenance

This article will teach you how to add, edit and delete a distribution list on your ProductRecallNZ account.

A Distribution List is a list of 'favourite' organisations or private (internal) locations that can be added to a notification to streamline the process of adding recipients to a notification. All Initiator type users can create this type of list. 

NB: To review a list of all organisations on the system please see <this article>. For subscribed lists, you  will only be able to search and add organisations, to your distribution list, that have a 'Subscriber Type' of 'Receiver' or 'Initiator/Receiver'. If you have a customer/trading partner on this list that an 'Initiator' only please email and GS1 can support the process of creating this organisation as also a 'Receiver'. NB: As of 20th September 2023, you can also add 'Non-Subscribed Recipients' to your distribution list. 

Section 1: Adding a Distribution List

Section 2: Adding a Subscribed List

Section 3: Adding a Non-Subscribed List

Section 4: Editing a Distribution List

Section 5: Deleting a Distribution List

Section 6: Auto-distribution 

Section 7: Using a Distribution List During Notification Creation/Distribution

Section 1: Adding a Distribution List

1. Once logged in to ProductRecallNZ, you will see a left hand menu with 'Distribution Lists' as an option. NB: If you cannot see this it is because you are not an 'Initiator'.

2. Click on this to be taken to the Distribution Lists page. 

3. If you are attached to more than one organisation, you will be able to choose your preferred one using the 'My Organisations' drop-down menu (See below). 

4. Once you have selected the correct organisation, select one of the pink buttons, 'Add Subscribed List' or 'Add Non-Subscribed List' to create a new list.

5. Give your distribution list a name. You cannot save the list until you have provided a name for it. 

Section 2: Adding a Subscribed List

1. Search for recipients using Organisation Name/Industry/Region filters.

2. Select the recipients you want to add to the list and click the 'Add to Distribution List' button. 

3 You will see that a blue box with the number of added recipients has appeared on the 'List Recipients' tab, just below the distribution list name. 

4. Press 'Save' in the bottom right of the screen

5. Press the 'Back' button in the left hand menu. 


Section 3: Adding a Non-Subscribed List

1. To add an individual recipient to a list, select 'Add New Recipient' and populate the mandatory fields.

2. Select save and the recipient will be saved to your list. 

3. To bulk upload recipients, select 'Upload' and download the template for CSV file.

4. Populate the template with the mandatory fields. NB: you will need an Organisation Name, Contact Name, and email.

5. Press select file, open your CSV file, and your recipients will be added to your list.


Section 3: Editing a Distribution List


Once in the 'Distribution List Maintenance' screen, delete added recipients by going into the 'List Recipients' tab and press the rubbish bin symbol next to an organisation or location.  

Section 4: Deleting a Distribution List

Section 5: Auto-distribution 

This is a setting that can be changed on ProductRecallNZ. If you select 'Auto-distribute' for a Distribution List, any received notifications will automatically be distributed to the chosen recipients. Only Initiators with private locations are able to use this feature. 

Section 6: Using a Distribution List During Notification Creation/Distribution


Version 1: Last updated October 2017

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