Detailed Progress Report


  • Must be an Initiator or Both organisation
  • Must have an initiated or distributed notification that is at live status.
  • can be used on private or public recipients, but is most useful for private recipients.

This report provides an in-depth view of a specific private location's reporting. 

Accessing the Report

1. On the 'Initiated Notifications' page, select 'Progress Report'.


2. To access the detailed report, double-click on a recipient within the Progress Report


 3. The Detailed Progress Report shows all reporting activity for a location for a specific notification.

You will see in the above example that this private location has reported a quantity of 145 units, then removed some from the report at a later date and added a comment explaining this change. 

For more information on Progress Reports, please click on this article: Progress Reports

Version 1: Last updated 20 February 2017

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