User Maintenance Screen

The User Maintenance Page is the place where you add new users, suspend old users and edit existing users.

For help with User Messaging (the second page of the user creation template) please see this article

For more information on adding a new user, please see this article

Creating a New User 

To add a new user, you will need to fill in all the mandatory fields on the User Maintenance page and select at least one role within an organisation. Once this is done, click 'save and next' in the bottom right-hand corner. This will take you to the 'User Messaging' page, where you will select the user's messaging preferences. You will then click 'save and back' to be returned to the User List which shows an overview of all users and their roles within your organisation.

Editing an Existing User

The edit screen looks largely the same as the new user screen. However, in the bottom right hand corner, you will press 'save' and do not need to go to the user messaging screen to finish the user editing process. Once you have made the required changes, click 'back' at the top of the left-hand menu to return to the User List. 

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Version 1.1 Last updated September 2022
Version 1: Last updated November 2016




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