Distributing a Received Notification

Prerequisites for distributing a received notification:

  • Must be a Receiver and Initiator type company and user. 
  • Must have received a notification
  • Must be the first time this notification has been distributed. 
  • Normally has private or internal receiver that can report back on the notification, e.g: a food distributor's Headquarters sending a notification out to their retail stores. 

Section 1: Distributing a Received Notification

Section 2: Updating a Distributed Notification (Adding additional recipients to a Distribute)

Section 3: Version Number for Distribution

Section 1: Distributing a Received Notification

Distribution of a notification differs from issuing a notification in that the 'distribute' function can only be used on an existing notification in the 'Received Notifications' Screen, and is designed for use by organisations that want to distribute a notification on to a group of private (internal) receivers/sites, then have these private receivers report back the quantity of stock found. 

Step 1: Receive a notification alert by email or SMS. Login and go to the "Received Notifications" screen

Step 2: Click the "Distribute" button under the notification title.

Step 3: A copy of the notification will open, which you can edit if necessary, but cannot delete existing files, products and some other key details. 

One such editable field is the 'Alternate Identifier' field on the Products screen which can be added on by the distributor to provide information to store users that assists with identifying the affected product. 

Step 4: To add recipients, go to the "Subscribed Recipients" template and select "Private" on the "Location Type" filter. 

Step 5: Select the internal lreceivers to whom you want to send the notification and then click 'add to notification'. It is possible to use an existing distribution list to speed up this process - please see this article on creating distribution lists

Step 6: If you have recipients who do not have ProductRecallNZ accounts, you can add them to the Non-Subscribed Recipients list (the next template). They will receive an email with basic details of the notification, but will not be able to login and report back through the system. It is preferable to use subscribed recipients, where possible.

Step 7: Submit the notification for Approval, then the Approver user must approve the notification and Go Live. 


You have now successfully sent out the notification to your private receivers. The sites will begin logging in and reporting back their quantity found. You can see their progress by using the "Progress Report" which is found on the relevant notification on the "Initiated Notifications" screen. 

Section 2: Updating a Distributed Notification (To add additional recipients)

It is possible to update a distributed notification in order to add additional recipients.

Step 1: Select 'update' on the distributed notification on the Initiated Notifications screen.

Step 2: You will see that very few fields are editable when updating a distribution. First, you will need to enter an update reason. This will likely be a result of needing to add another file to a file upload field, or adding additional recipients. 

Step 3: Add recipients to the notification as usual. You will see that the recipients from the original distribution cannot be removed from the notification, but new recipients can be added and deleted.

Step 4: Once you have made all required changes and all mandatory fields are completed on the updated distribution, please Submit for Approval and Approve/Go Live as you did when you first distributed the notification. If you added recipients and nothing else, notification of this update will only go to the new recipients. 

 Section 3: Version Numbers for Distribution

A distributed notification will have a different Notification ID than an original or an update. To see when a notification has been distributed, please see the 'Received Notifications' screen. 

Original notifications will have the format XXXXX.0000.00

Distributions will have the format XXXXXX.0001.00 

Version 1: Last updated 10 November 2016

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