Progress Report

Prerequisites for using the Progress Report:

  • Must be a User in an 'Initiator' or an 'Initiator/Receiver' type organisation.
  • The notification must have been issued to recipients (Have a 'Live' status).  

Section 1: What is the Progress Report?

Section 2: Interpreting the Progress Report as an Initiator

Section 3: Interpreting the Progress Report as a Head/Support Office with private locations 

To access the Progress Report, select the 'Progress Report' button under the notification title on the Initiated Notifications screen

1. What is the Progress Report?

  • The Progress Report is a useful tool for checking the status of reporting and quantity of products found by Receivers.
  • Progress reports are specific to one notification. The quantity found can be filtered by selecting specific organisations or private locations, filtering by the status of the reporting, selecting a particular date range or by recipient type. 
  • Depending on the recipient's account settings (If the recipient allows their quantity reported to be 'passed up' to the initiator) the Initiator will be able to view the total quantity found of affected product
  • The total quantity found will be displayed at the bottom of the table, minus any shared quantities (for example if a notification was sent from A to B and C, then B distributed the notification on to C, too. In this case, the Progress Report would only count the total reported by C once in order to avoid double counting.) 

2. Interpreting the Progress Report as an Initiator

You will see a screen which contains filters to search for specific recipient organisation and reporting information. Below this is the list of recipients to whom the notification has been sent.

The 'status' of the recipient is always public. It is possible for this status to be

  • Unread
  • Acknowledged: They have logged in and viewed the notification, but have not reported back.
  • Not Ranged: The recipient does not stock this product.
  • Complete: They have completed the reporting process.

The quantity found by the Recipient, however, is not always public. This is a decision made by the recipient about whether they wish to share the quantity found by themselves and their stores. 

To find out if a Quantity Found is public, select the 'Display Rolled Up Quantities Found' check-box in the top right of the screen. You will see an additional column appear called 'Not Shared'. If this box is checked, the recipient is not sharing their quantity found with you.

If the recipient is not sharing their quantities found with you, please contact them directly to discuss this further. 

Please click on the image to expand it to full size. 


In the following screenshot, you will see that Foodstuffs itself does not reported back, but its sites do. The total is the total amount found by the stores is 820 but is only available to view when 'Display Rolled Up Quantities Found' is checked. 

Please click on the image to expand it to full size. 


Global Receivers (Receiver Organisations that wish to receive all notifications that go through ProductRecallNZ) will appear on this list, but will not report back on 'Quantity Found'. You can delete global recipients during notification creation. To see if one of the recipients on the Progress Report is a Global Receiver, view the Notification Detail view and scroll to the bottom to see the 'Recipients' section.

Please click on the image to expand it to full size. 


3. Interpreting the Progress Report as a Head/Support Office with internal locations

The progress report shows the recipient internal location list, their reporting status and the quantity found. 

Double-clicking on a store name will provide an in-depth view of each store's reporting, including any comments they have made during the reporting process. To read more, click here: Detailed Progress Report

The 'Not Shared' column should remain unchecked for private locations. If not, the quantity reported by that location will be private, even to their own Head Office.

Please click on the image to expand it to full size. 

Please note: The Progress Report contents can be downloaded as an Excel Spreadsheet. To download, please press the 'Export to Excel' button in the bottom right corner of the Report screen. 

 Version 1.2: Last updated on October 2017

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