How to do a Pack Size Change (known in FoodStuffs as CPQ change)

Note: In step (1) below, even if you end-date your old carton configuration, it shouldn't affect your customer's (FSNI's or FSSI's) ability to sell through remaining stock of that configuration. 

A pack size change occurs when the number of items per case (or inner) changes; for example, a case of 12 becomes a case of 10. No matter what the pack size change you will need to carefully follow the steps below as this can be a difficult change to execute correctly:

1. End Date the item that is changing, the case in this instance, then click Release. See Discontinuing an Item.

2. Un-publish the hierarchy from your trading partner. Select the highest level of the hierarchy (the case) in the Supplier Item List and UNPUBLISH. Be sure to un-publish to all trading partners.

3. Wait and give sufficient time (around 20min) for the change to flow through to your trading partners. 

4. Un-release the hierarchy. Select all items in the hierarchy and UNRELEASE


 5. Un-releasing will change your item Overall State to Unpublished to all - draft new item before proceeding.

 6. Un-link the hierarchy. Open the base unit, EDIT HIERARCHIES and REMOVE ITEM from the hierarchy.


 7. Create the new case, with a new GTIN. Using the CLONE function will speed this up. Skip this step if the case or base GTIN is preexisting in NPC Publisher.

 a. Re-create the hierarchy (new case + existing base unit). See Creating a hierarchy for how to do this. If you are changing the base GTIN instead of Case GTIN in Packaging unlike above. In that case, link the new base GTIN with the case GTIN. And then further Release Case GTIN with the option "Release hierarchy" in pop up box. Further, Publish the Case GTIN to Foodstuffs NZ.

8. To add a price for the new case – see Creating a new price. Once you RELEASE the new price your pack size change will be published to your trading partner.

 Version 1.0 - Updated 25th August 2018

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