Prices with a Status of 'Working'

If a price is in 'Working' then your customer cannot see the latest version (or at all if the price is new).

The steps below will show you how to search for and resolve "Working" prices.

Click on "Price Sync" in the navigation bar.

In the search panel under "Status" for "Release to pool" set to "Working" and search.

If your customer needs to see these prices they will need to be released. We always recommend reviewing every "Working" price.

If the price is changing and there is an 'End-Date' remember, "End-Dates" must always be in the future so you may need to edit them. Ensure you release the "End-Dates' before any new prices.

Now release the "Start Dates". These must always be after the End Date of an Old Price. 

If you get any errors or have questions feel free to give us a call.

Help-desk: 0800 10 23 56. 


Created  Nov 2016                                                          Last Reviewed:  7/01/2020


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