Navigating in National Product Catalogue - Publisher

 Viewing Items

When you first log into National Product Catalogue you are directed to the Dashboard. Click on 'Supplier Item List' to bring up all your items.

From the 'Supplier Item List' you can either look at an overview of your items in a list form, or you can open up individual items by double clicking them.


Columns of interest:

Overall State - the current state of the item - it indicates whether it has been released, published, updated, or is being worked on.

Publication State - a  symbol indicates that your item is published.

Release State -  symbol will appear here if an item is released.

Response - this is where the responses show up. Please see the article by clicking here on what different responses mean.

All Prices - this indicates if a price is attached to the item at that level (it may be required at case level and not at base level, or vice versa). You can click on the dollar sign to go directly to the price of that item.

Supplier Assigned ID - this is your internal reference code for the associated item.


Viewing Prices

There are a number of ways to view a price - either click on 'Price Sync' in the top menu or click the dollar sign next to the item.

This will bring you to the Price Sync page where you can search certain prices or list all prices. 

To learn how to search please see the Price article here.


Columns of interest:

Confirmation Status - this indicates whether your price has been accepted or errored out. You want to see 'Accepted' here.

Release to Pool - this shows the current status. Upon publishing, the status will change from 'Working' to 'Released' to 'Sent' to 'Response'. Ultimately you want to see 'Response' here.

GTIN - the item the price is for.

Recipient GLN - the recipient the price is intended for. You may get instances where more than one price shows for the same GTIN - this will happen when the item is published to more than one retailer.


If you need further assistance then please call GS1 Support on 0800 10 23 56 or email


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