I need to put an ISSN or ISBN into a barcode

An ISSN is an 8 digit unique identifier number assigned by the National Library of New Zealand to the title of a periodic publication issued in successive parts, identified by a number and/or a date, linked by a common title, and intended to continue indefinitely.  Contact the National Library on 04 474 3074


If you are asked to encode an ISSN or ISBN in a barcode for retail purposes contact GS1 for assistance.   There is a protocol for extending the number to a thirteen-digit form.   GS1 will do this for you at no cost.

The extended number is encoded in an EAN-13 barcode.  Most printers will be able to do this for you when you provide them the number.


If you are asked for a new GTIN for a magazine as there is a price increase, contact GS1.


Version 2.0 – Updated 28th Sept 2021

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