How does Woolworths NZ get my Barcode Verification report?

As of March 2023, Woolworths NZ can now automatically receive your Barcode Verification Report directly into their Partner Hub system.   We hope this automation will save you a bit of time!

In Partner Hub, when your Product Article case status is changed to "Information Provided" a request will be automatically sent to GS1 to retrieve the relevant Barcode Verification report.

Please note that reports that do not 'pass' or are older than 12 months will not be made available.

If the report has been retrieved successfully you will be able to see it under the notes and attachments section of the Supplier Product Article, like below.


Fig. 1 - Woolworths NZ's Partner Hub system showing where BCV are retrieved.



Fig. 2 - Woolworths NZ's Partner Hub system showing the Status needed to successfully retrieve a BCV. 


Note - If the Barcode Verification is not present, you are able to manually upload the report as per the current process.


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