I have a Price Change, What Should I do?

For Foodstuffs, submit List Price changes through NPC/Rapid (these should always start on a Monday date, with limited exceptions). You'll then need to complete the Supplier Price Adjustment form in the Foodstuffs eXchange 'Products' section and ensure you submit that form through to FOBL.  The NPC price data will help automate this process.

For Woolworths NZ, submit List Price changes through NPC/Rapid. Remember to include your Article Level "allowances" also (Deferred Deal, Off Invoice Deal, Miscellaneous, or Freight or Miscellaneous "charges"). It is recommended that all prices must start with a Monday start date. This is mandatory when the product has a deferred deal allowance.

Make sure you get your price changes through to either Foodstuffs or Woolies according to their price change lead times! (i.e. well before the price change comes into effect)


 Version 1.5 – Updated 4th November 2022

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