I have a Product Change, What Should I do?


As with any product change, you will need to communicate with your buyer within standard retailer lead times.

Step 1: Load your changed product data directly to the National Product Catalogue

Step 2: Complete the ProductFlow application screen below. Follow the instructions contained within each step. Indicate in "Step 2" you are making a product change.

Step 3: GS1 will receive your application and commence data, image (if needed) and bar code (if needed) verification on the product.

Step 4: Await your Product Verification Report. Note, if there is any rework required you will receive a Pending Failure Report, and you will need to fix those issues and resubmit to ProductFlow (click here for more detail on how to do this). 

We aim to turn around Product Verification in 2 - 5 business days, and you have a further 2 business days to resolve any Pending Failures before we issue the report out to your customer.

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