How do I view a report that has already been issued?

You can request all past reports (i.e. Pending Failures and Completed reports) via the MyGS1 portal. From there they can be emailed to a user of your choice. 

Step 1: Log into MyGS1

Step 2: Click on "Barcodes"

Step 3: Click on "Verify your Barcode Scans" 

Step 4: Click on "Search Past Requests"

Step 5: Apply search criteria (Recommended: Use the dates fields or GTIN to narrow your scope)

Step 6: Tick the report you want to request.

Step 7: Click on "Email Report" and choose who you want to receive the reports. Click "Email Reports".

If you need a visual guide, follow the GIF below (note: you can click on the GIF to open a larger version in a new tab).


Version 1.2 – Updated 1st October 2019

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