What training is available for National Product Catalogue?

There are 3 key methods in which you and your team can get up to speed with the National Product Catalogue (NPC). While all three offerings cover the same content these options vary in cost and level of self-driven learning. Nevertheless it is our goal here at GS1 to get you up to speed as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

National Product Catalogue (NPC) Online Training Program
Cost: Free
Self Driven Learning: Medium - High
Registration Link: Click here to register 
Breakdown: This is a fully encompassing program that is managed completely on the web. Through a series of Webinars you will learn how to navigate and use NPC and how to confidently manage your product range on NPC.  You will then be given access to a practice catalogue tailored to your industry, where you will be able to hone your skills without risking your organisation's master data. This free program is open to all users, and uses a broad stroke to cover all 4 industries that use NPC. It is recommended that users attend all webinars and run through the exercises to get the most out of the training. 

National Product Catalogue (NPC) Seminar 
Cost: NPC Key Concepts - FREE, NPC New Users Training & Detailed User Training - $149 + GST for each session
Self Driven Learning: Medium
Registration Link: Click here to register 
Breakdown: The NPC Seminar is a workshop run at a GS1 local office where you are taught to use NPC. You will also be able to run through business processes in the workshop with the assistance of a NPC Specialist. This program is split up into three sessions: NPC Key Concepts, NPC New User and NPC Bulk Uploads. It is recommended that users attend all 3 sessions. If you are interested in attending other GS1 seminars please visit our website to find out more, or email

Onsite Tailored Training
Cost: $150 per hour (approx 3-5 hours) + GST + disbursements
Self Driven Learning: Low - Medium
Contact Person: Your GS1 job manager or GS1 Support Team
Breakdown: Onsite tailored training is great if you and your team need to get up to speed as quickly as possible. A NPC Specialist will come to your organisation to take you through your catalogue, how to manage your master data and business processes for your end users. You will also be able to practice your new skills with the on-hand assistance of the National Product Catalogue (NPC) Specialist.


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