Barcode verification failure Explained

This article details reasons a barcode may fail barcode verification.

Note: the most common reasons for failure is insufficient quiet zones or bar height

The required minimum bar height and quiet zones are determined by the barcode magnification (size).

Each barcode type has a required magnification range and dimensions refer to Barcode Basic User Guide

and GS1 General Specifications for more detail

Print Quality (Overall ISO grade)

9 parameters are tested to determine the barcode print quality, the overall ISO grade is result of analysing these results.  Contact your printer


If the barcode fails we add Business Critical comments to explain what the failure is and how to correct it

If we notice something that may affect the barcode but has not caused it to fail, we will enter an Educational comment to prompt you to possibly making changes in the next print run

If you have any questions please contact or call 0800102356 option 1

Understanding the Barcode verification report

Barcode verification report page 1


Analysis Page



Version 2.0 revised 05 Feb 2020


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