Image Verification Failure

Your report will indicate what is non-compliant in your image. The GS1 Image Specifications are attached.   Note that GS1 New Zealand has adopted a subset of the global specifications to meet Australian and New Zealand requirements.

Compare the stated reason for your image verification failure with the relevant
requirements stated below. If the explanation is insufficient use the link provided for a more detailed explanation that will enable you to correct the shortcoming.

File Type: JPEG
Background Colour: White (RGB 255/255/255)
Colour Mode: RGB
Resolution: 300ppi
Dimensions: 2500 x 2500 ppi for marketing images and 120 x 120 ppi for planogram images which are cropped to achieve a longest dimension of 324 pixels for the image.
Clipping Paths: One active clipping path

Requirements for quality image capture and processing:

  • No colour casts. Colour should be as rich, vibrant and eye-catching as possible. Colour should be balanced over-all and not “blown-out” in highlights. Flesh tones and grass should be realistic and life-like.
  • Reflections should also be realistic.
  • Shadows should be realistic and neutral.
  • Retouching should be as seamless and undetectable as possible and be convincing at a minimum of 200% magnification (i.e. removal of expiration/best before dates).
  • Colour should be matched to product PMS colours (list to be provided by designer). If PMS colour is not available or if colour is proprietary, users must either match as closely as possible to colour swatches or the actual RGB breakdown must be provided.
  • The image should be photographed with large depth of field so that the whole product is sharp.
  • The Image should not be over sharpened in the (digital) image processing
  • The lighting of product should be uniform when the image is taken.

Version 1.0 12 Aug 2015

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