What are the GS1 Image File Naming Rules for planogram images?

Media Library uses the GS1 Standards for Image File Naming. This means that all images loaded to Media Library must have filenames which adhere to these requirements. Below are examples showing how planograming images must be named for them to load to Media Library. For examples on marketing images please go here.


  • Planogram Images being uploaded must have a minimum file size of 50kb
  • Planogram Images must be cropped tightly to the edge of the product
  • Planogram Images must be 72ppi-150ppi
  • Planogram Images must be in JPEG format

GS1 Planogram Image Naming

  • Front Face - GTIN.1
  • Left Side - GTIN.2
  • Top Side - GTIN.3
  • Back - GTIN.7
  • Right Side - GTIN.8
  • Bottom - GTIN.9


Real Examples

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