How Should your Organisation be Set Up on ProductRecallNZ?

There are 3 ways your organisation can be set up on the system. As an Initiator, as a Receiver or as both an Initiator and Receiver. 

How you are set up will affect what you are able to do on the system. Please review the below descriptions to ensure you are set up correctly. For example: If you are only set up as an Initiator, it means that your only need is to send notifications (of recall or withdrawal) to trading partners. If you also wanted to receive notifications from your own suppliers, then you should also be set up as a Receiver. 

Initiator Organisation (Supplier, Manufacturer, Distributor):

An Initiator Organisation on the ProductRecallNZ system is setup to send notifications of Recall or Withdrawal to their retailers. They will usually be the brand owner of the product or the party responsible for supplying the product, directly to market, that needs to be recalled or withdrawn.

These organisations will usually have at least a couple of people on the system who act in one or more of the below roles. 

Initiator – The Initiator contact is the person who will do most of the work for a company, through the system inputting data, when a product needs to be recalled or withdrawn. When the Initiator contact finishes inputting all relevant data, including adding in recipients, into the notification they then 'Submit for Approval'. 

Approver – The Approver is an oversight role and usually best suited for someone in management at the organisation. When the Initiator contact has finished creating the notification and 'Submits for Approval' the Approver contact is prompted (by email) to login and review the notification. They are then given the option to 'Approve' or 'Reject' the notification. Upon approval the notification will go live and be sent to all trading partners that were added. 

Viewer - The viewer is a user who can log in to look at created notifications (also to receive alerts when notifications are made live) but cannot action anything. The Viewer role is most commonly utilised when someone at your organisation wants to be aware of when notifications are created and sent out but does not want to be involved in this actual process.

Account Administrator: The Account Administrator must be either an Initiator or Approver but can be both. They set up the company & contacts in the system. After this point, they are responsible for managing both organisation details and users.

User Administrator: The user administrator can also add additional users (Initiators and Approvers) into the system. They cannot however create other users as 'user administrators' - this ability is restricted to the account administrator alone.

Sponsor: The sponsor is someone from senior management (Directors, CEO or General Manager are good, however not limited to these roles). The sponsor’s only role is to endorse the Account Administrator and does not need to exist as a user on the ProductRecallNZ system.

Receiver Organisation (Trading Partner):

A Receiver Organisation on the ProductRecallNZ system is setup to receive notifications of Recall or Withdrawal from their suppliers. Upon receiving these notifications the Receiver organisation is charged with taking action on the Recall/Withdrawal and then reporting findings (products found) in the system back to the Supplier.

Receiver– Contacts at Receiver Organisations are also called 'Receivers'. They receive an email (and/or optional text) when a notification has been sent to their organisation. They then need to login to the system  to view the notification and report back to the Initiator of the notification on the products found.

Account Administrator: See description above. The Account Administrator must be a Receiver.

Sponsor: See description above.

Initiator/Receiver (Both) Organisation

A 'Both' organisation is set up in the system as both an Initiator and a Receiver. Organisations who want to be on the system to actively send notifications to their own retailers but also receive notifications from their own suppliers should consider being a 'Both' organisation.

As a result of being an amalgamation of the two common types of entity on the system a 'Both' organisation must include all the user roles listed above. A both company (like a receiver) can also set up internal receivers, only visible to them, to send (or on-send) notifications to.

If you would like to change to a 'Both' organisation, please contact GS1 on 0800 10 23 56

Version 3: Last updated 30 October 2016

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