What if I am importing products with overseas barcodes on them?

1.       The product I am importing already has a barcode (GTIN) on it. Is it OK to use that in New Zealand?
Yes – GTINs are globally recognized. You can request a Verification Report through your GS1 account to confirm it complies with GS1 standards and print quality.

2.       I need to put these products in a carton to send to my retailer. Can I put a GTIN from my block of numbers on the Case?
First check with the BASE brand owner if they have allocated a GTIN-14 for the carton.
If not, you can allocate a GTIN from your My GS1 account (ProductVault or My Products). It will need to be created as a Base Unit in the system, but you can set the description to indicate the product is a CASE by including the quantity of base units in the carton, eg 'Pineapple Lumps 250gm x 12'. 
The [GTIN-14] required on the case will start with the leading zero ('094nnnnnnnnnnc').
Remember to put ‘No’ to the question ‘Add to Global Registry’ (Global Registry records Base units only).




Version 2.1 – Updated 16th August, 2021

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